Monday, August 18, 2008

What do the olympics and kittens have in common?

For almost as long as we have been married, Jamie has been hinting how fun it would be to get a kitten. For as long as Jamie has been hinting, Rich has been changing the subject. Ignoring Jamie's growing, building, swelling attitude towards this feline fascination was not having the desired result Rich had hoped for. So.....on an early Thursday morning after Rich returned from playing basketball, Jamie attempted one last time to persuade him that he really did want a kitten.

We had stayed up late all week enjoying the Olympics, or should we say the Michael Phelps Experience from Beijing. So after minimal sleep and some physically draining early morning basketball, Jamie asks Rich to join her for a conversation in the bedroom. Oh boy, This could go one of two ways. It's a fragile moment in a young newlywed couples life. "What could she have to discuss?" Rich wondered with his sleep deprived brain. He would soon regret taking those 14 steps upstairs to the bedroom.

"I want a kitty!" Jamie exclaims with an intent in her eyes Rich had not seen in the nearly 8 months they had been married. Oh no! Rich calmly explains the reasons against this idea which, mind you, he has expressed on several previous occasions.
What he didn't plan for, and what came as a complete surprise, was Jamie's total commitment in convincing Rich he was going to get a kitten....TODAY! Here come the tears. Yep! She pulled out the big guns.

Her name is "Olympia" or "Ollie" for short.

Seriously, what can a guy do when the big guns go blasting?

Jamie is very happy and has been found cuddling with Ollie constantly, Jamie and Ollie are good friends. Rich is now jealous of Ollie's "quality time" with Jamie and has also also warmed up to the Idea of having a kitten. His shoulder has become the perfect napping pillow for Ollie. Rich has found himself slowly letting his initial distaste for a feline disappear as he becomes attached (he is such a softy). However, is there gas-ex for cats? She has a serious chronic flatulence disorder.

Oh, in case you didn't catch the connection.... Ollie is named for the Olympics we have been glued to this past week.

Rich and Jamie....and now Ollie.