Monday, February 23, 2009

Lots of Update

Family History, Family History, Family History,
Rich and I have been taking a family history class, I tricked him. I have been interested in Family History but Rich has never really been into it. Usually people aren't into family history because they dont really know how to do it. I have contacted several italian people who have the last names of my ancesors from northern Italy where my great grandfather was from.
It was really cool last night when I was looking up my Cox family line and found several kings from England and France (King Coal, King Henry, King Louis, etc). After talking to Richs dad there is a posibility that Rich is from the line of Norman (Normandy) kings from England-France. It is soooo exciting to feel like I am connected to peoples around the world.

-In order to understand the future (self), we must understand the past (self, family).

We went to Emery/Price last weekend for Presidents day. It was really fun to show Rich some of my old stomping grounds, my apartments in Price while I went to CEU, my old Junior High (San Rafael Jr). We also went to the ward on Sunday that I grew up in, it was fun seeing some of my favorite people.

Rich and I have been debating on getting a dog-- we are thinking a bulldog or a golden retriever. I would prefer a cat, but after begging for an animal for a year I'll take anything.

I (Jamie) am currently working at two different internships, one in Cedar at Turning Point Family Care which is a residential treatment center for adolescent offenders and youth in custody. My second internship is with Diamond Ranch Academy in Hurricane, Utah. I am over the sustance abuse groups and individual therapy. I am also teaching a painting class once a week for 8-12 yr olds. I have kinda put my painting on the backburner while I am studying for my Licensed professional counseling tests in June. I will be graduating in May from U of P.

Rich and I are super excited about our family trip to Hawaii with his dad's family. We have been working out a little extra so we will look hot in our swimwear.