Thursday, July 30, 2009

This is kinda old news, but this is one of the pictures of the baby taken exactly a month ago.

Pregnancy- 4 months down and 5 to go

BABY update: So, we are officially 4 months pregnant and because I am a high risk pregnancy I get to know how the baby is about every 2 weeks. So today we are going in for my 16 week checkup. Hopefully we get to find out if its a boy or a girl! The Dr. thought he saw a little sumin sumin between the babies legs, but said it was too soon to tell. Rich and I have a hunch its a girl, but either way we are excited.

This week I am finally looking like I am pregant instead of chubby around the middle and its really exciting, definatley seems more real.

Traveling Update: Rich and I just got back from Indiana two weeks ago from his Clark Family Reunion. It was really fun to see everyone at once in the family. Rich was in charge of annnouncing talents for the talent show and thought it would be funny to add a few terrible wife jokes.... and then the fight started. Heres a sample of the lame jokes- My wife asked for something that went from zero to 360 in 60 seconds for her birthday, so I got her a scale. And then the fight started, hello husband, I do not weigh 360 lbs!!

On our way to Indiana, I scheduled an extra-long delay in Denver so I could see my brother Bevan and his wife Charla and little Gavin. We roamed around downtown Denver looking for an Ice cream shop and finally caved for this weird health yogurt shop because of the lack of time. It ended up being delicious!!! Tangy, Tart, Fresh Rasberries, Blueberries, Strawberries, soooo yum.

Job: Rich is moving up in the world starting in January. He will be the Operations Manager/ Program Manager for an Addiction recovery family called Recovery Plus it is being built and will be finished in January. The building is located north of the new Murry hospital. We have driven by it a couple times and watched the foundation being dug and laid. We are really excited for this opportunity.

My job on the other hand has been a huge blessing to us. Despite the two hour commute each day which ends up being 50 hrs a week added to my already 40 hour week I really like it. I really enjoy running the Narcotics Anonymous groups. I have revamped the groups so they really focus on finding a higher power which I strongly believe recovery can' t happen without. I attended an official NA in St. George last week so I could model my NA more closely to the what a real NA would be like in the real world and it was amazing. I loved it, everyone was so friendly, they make you feel right at home and they celebrate every little step of recovery. I think we need to do the same, recognize those little sucesses, clap for ourselves! I think so many times we feel obligated to progress in life, when really we don't. We could just sit on our butts and eat bon-bons. So if we do that home project, cook a nice meal, forfeit that extra cookie, say hello to the neighbor, take our dog for a walk, write in our journal------------------CELEBRATE! We deserve it and we should recognize others sucesses as well! We are overly critical and judgemental and we miss out on life because of it.

The other day after an NA this girl came up after NA and said she found her Higher Power last night and she was sooo excited. She said she was never one to believe in that kind of stuff, but she has been praying and something is there. She was just beaming, and a couple days after she was still talking about it. I love little sucesses in my job, sometimes I wonder if I am really helping anyone and this was one of those Yahoooo moments.

Rich: This man is the most amazing person ever, he is so helpful, so kind, and so grounded. Just what my yellow personality needs- a white personality to keep my roller coaster life on a milder roller coaster. He takes the dog for a walks, coaches football, goes to work, does his church callings, and has meetings for his new job. I am officially in love with him!!

Speaking of my dog! She is grounded outside during the night because she has eaten 20 pairs of my underware, 10 pairs of my flip-flops and yesterday as I was pulling out of the parking lot racing to work. I reached down because my crotch felt a little too breezy and wahlah a huge hole eaten out of my crotch! I wanted to beat my dog Abby to death but she wouldn't realize why which is frusterating. My favorite comfortable capri's! URghhh! So she is no longer sleeping in our bedroom, cuz I think she is eating my stuff when she gets up in the night. Last night was her first night outside, she growled at us this morning when she came in and was hyper as all get out. I am not sure how to get her to stop eating all my clothes, she does not really eat Richs stuff other than his shoe laces and hat. SOS