Monday, June 16, 2008

Indiana Jones and the Midnight Haircut

The other night I was sooo sick of my hair and chopped it at midnight in the bathroom. Rich was sleeping so he could get up to play basketball in the morning with the old guys. So, when he got up to use the restroom I had to get his sleepy eyes to open up enough to see my new "Posh Spice/Victoria Beckham" haircut. He kept singing "I'll tell ya what I want - What I really really want" by the spice girls. He then crept into my bathroom before he went to basketball and wrote it on my mirror too!

RICH'S Birthday- Rich has been wanting to watch Indiana Jones at the movie theatre so I got tickets and had an Indiana Jones cake made for his birthday. It was fun, and I was kinda sleepy because of a long weekend in St. George attending classes at the University of Phoenix.

Its really not eighty-twenty/Zions

Rich keeps joking about the relationship being an eighty-twenty relationship with me being eighty percent of the voice in the relationship. I am letting ya all know its not true, we are an equal partnership- sometimes I do get a little more voice in. I just don't want my inlaws to think I am a crazy-control freak that has to have little Richie under my finger.

Now to the fun---We have a pass to Zions National Park and the last hike we did was Observation Point (8 miles round trip). Kolob is calling. No not that Kolob. Zion Ntl Park Kolob. We are headed to hike Taylor creek this week, a new fun adventure in Kolob canyon.

Rich and I just sanded a dresser (took forever because we got so sick of it) and painted it a dark brown and made it look worn with new knobs and handles. It has been sitting in our backyard for almost a month. I kept hinting to him to do it cuz I didn't want to and then I got to it today while he cleaned the house and cleaned up the backyard. Yeah! Now I have my solice again. I love to sit in the backyard at my outdoor table and chair and read or plant stuff, just something outside.

I also traded in my green scooter for a roadbike so I can do a triathalon in October in Las Vegas PUMPKINHEAD triathalon!! So I am contemplating joining the biking club. They go on 35 mile bike rides every tuesday and thursday morning at 6 am (thats where the problem is I HATE getting up early).

School- I have decided to double up on my classes because this program (Masters of Mental Health Counseling) is taking soo long. I have my internship, which I am doing at a boys residential treatment center in Cedar City. Then, I have my Psychopharmacology class- which is difficult but thanks to my 1st year Nazi instructor all the brain stuff has already been drilled into my mind. I love the brain- it facinates me!! It is so cool how the tiny bursts of energy or chemicals can influence our behavior and bodies so significantly.