Monday, February 23, 2009

Lots of Update

Family History, Family History, Family History,
Rich and I have been taking a family history class, I tricked him. I have been interested in Family History but Rich has never really been into it. Usually people aren't into family history because they dont really know how to do it. I have contacted several italian people who have the last names of my ancesors from northern Italy where my great grandfather was from.
It was really cool last night when I was looking up my Cox family line and found several kings from England and France (King Coal, King Henry, King Louis, etc). After talking to Richs dad there is a posibility that Rich is from the line of Norman (Normandy) kings from England-France. It is soooo exciting to feel like I am connected to peoples around the world.

-In order to understand the future (self), we must understand the past (self, family).

We went to Emery/Price last weekend for Presidents day. It was really fun to show Rich some of my old stomping grounds, my apartments in Price while I went to CEU, my old Junior High (San Rafael Jr). We also went to the ward on Sunday that I grew up in, it was fun seeing some of my favorite people.

Rich and I have been debating on getting a dog-- we are thinking a bulldog or a golden retriever. I would prefer a cat, but after begging for an animal for a year I'll take anything.

I (Jamie) am currently working at two different internships, one in Cedar at Turning Point Family Care which is a residential treatment center for adolescent offenders and youth in custody. My second internship is with Diamond Ranch Academy in Hurricane, Utah. I am over the sustance abuse groups and individual therapy. I am also teaching a painting class once a week for 8-12 yr olds. I have kinda put my painting on the backburner while I am studying for my Licensed professional counseling tests in June. I will be graduating in May from U of P.

Rich and I are super excited about our family trip to Hawaii with his dad's family. We have been working out a little extra so we will look hot in our swimwear.


The Ovesons said...

Yea dont have to much fun there without us!!! Dogs are great jamie...they are alot of fun!!!

sachiko and mark said...

Wait, I thought you have a cat? I'm confused. And BOOO! for you being all prepared for the NECEEWPOIERJKHSGFKHJG exam! We haven't even taken our stupid mock exam in the internship yet :( that's tomorrow night.

MMack said...

What happened to your cat? It sounds like you are enjoying life.