Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Congrats to Rich!! on the new job

Rich just found out today he will be working for the Leavitt Group here in Cedar, he starts December 8th. I know he will be awsome, he is so dedicated in whatever he does. Me on the other hand- I never can tell how devoted I will be because I have so many interests that distract me! Sleeping, excercising, crafts, home projects, school, or another brilliant idea that I go forward with so much gusto I forget anything else in the world exists.

The Red Wall & Flowers from my Rich Darling-Harline

Finally, I have the red wall I have wanted for years, we two toned it in the living room and kept it one color in the kitchen. The color was quite shocking at first, I wondered if I had made a huge mistake. Both Rich and I were paranoid that we might drip the unforgivable RED paint. It was really fun but a lot of hard work.

Rich was so sweet the other day, he bought flowers and said it was celebrate Jamie day! Cute, he is everything and more I ever hoped for.


sachiko and mark said...

How sweet! And yay for a job! What is it that he's going to be doing there? Is that your hair pulled back or a bob? and i lOVE your wall. Red is so a favorite right now.

MMack said...

Congratulations on the new job. That's wonderful. I love the red wall and wish I was brave enough. Sounds like Rich treats you like a queen, which is what are boys are for.

Kellie said...

Congrats on the job! Love the red wall, its totally you Jamie! Also congrats on picking a great husband. You deserve the best! Call me!!!!!! Lets get together!!

Toni Dee! said...

Yay - it's nice to be employed!