Friday, May 30, 2008

Interviews, applications and callings

It has been a month of sending resumes, filling out applications and traveling to interviews. Fortunately I have the time to spend. Recently finding myself out-of-work has allowed me to spend time looking for work. Strange how those go hand in hand. I have had meetings in SLC with Morgan Stanley and Advanta banks. I don't think banking is for me.

Jamie has also been applying for work as she continues to spend allot of time internshipping and finishing her course work for her masters program. Graduation for her is just 6 months away. Hallelujah! In the meantime Jamie continues to paint, redesign and create. My "ManHouse" now has curtains, smelly things, and a sewing machine. Slowly but surely the house will also become 80/'s not far off.

Jamie just received a new calling, Relief Society secretary. She is excited. Funny story.....A few Sunday's ago we had come home from church, I was relaxing downstairs and Jamie disappeared upstairs. When she emerged she had a bag of paper crafts, glue and scissors in her hand with the purpose of heading out the door. I asked, "Where are you going?". "Oh, to the church" she says, but in a cryptic purposely avoidance tone. An hour goes by....

Jamie returns with a funny look on her face. "I have a story to tell you", she says. Sheepishly she then goes on to explain that there is this relief society board in the RS room that has been bothering her for 2 months now. (In fact, it bothered her so bad one Sunday she had to leave the meeting early). She had intended, without anyones knowledge, to change the message board. What was it that bothered her so much.....snowflakes. The boarder was done in snowflakes. "It's almost summer", she screams to me. "I couldn't take it any longer".

Unfortunately when she went to make the change the room was being used. So being the social butterfly, Jamie strikes up a conversation with another sister from a different ward who is also in the hallway waiting. Eventually they get to the reason why they are waiting to get in the room. Jamie describes the message board and that it has been driving her NUTS! Jamie mentioned how her artistic side just can't allow it to continue. This sister, who she just met, politely agrees and says she can see how an artistic mind would be unsettled. However, the board she just described was not Jamie's ward but the sister's ward she had just met. HA!

The following Sunday the board had been changed. That's my baby!


MMack said...

I do believe it would have been more funny if the other woman had admitted that she had done the board personally. I love personality. It's awesome.